Livet Nord – Violin
Josef Kallerdahl – Double bass
Johanna Dahl – Cello
Thomas Gustavsson – Piano
Per Störby Jutbring – Bandoneon


New Tide Orquesta (former New Tango Orquesta) is one of the most appreciated live acts in Sweden. During over20 years of international touring, the band has found their very own role as the constant outsider. At a rock club in Moscow, jazz festival in Istanbul, tango club in Buenos Aires or a concert hall in Beijing. NTO always take the audience by storm and shows on and on that genre is just a word.

With the composer Per Störby Jutbring in lead, New Tide Orquesta have, through their eight albums, created a unique sound and style; the miscellaneous mix of modern chamber music, minimalism, baroque, free improvisation, and still, a hint of new tango, with an intense dynamic. The album “Bestiario” was nominated for a Swedish Grammy award, and “Vesper” won the “experimental of the year”-award at the Swedish Manifest gala, and 2010 they were awarded “Group Of The Year” at the Swedish folk- and world music gala. The music has been used in several movies, and they have also made music to several theatre plays, dance performances and art installations.
New Tide Orquesta has a big and loyal audience, and concerts with NTO always promise a touch of magic: intense, concentrated, intimate and thrilling.

“Their focused performances are a complete acoustic, dynamic, and musically masterpiece one should never miss.”



BIOGRAPHY: a short summary of the years since the beginning


1996-1999 The band was formed in Gothenburg/Sweden when the composer and bandoneon player gathered some of his friends to try out some of his new work. The sessions lead to the debut album ”The New Tango Orquesta” released 1998. With the debut album, the band is invited to perform in South America, the home of tango, Uruguay and Argentina. They were met by standing ovations and open arms at Centro Astor Piazzolla in Buenos Aires.

2000-2003 The second album ”Part II” was released 2000. It got rave reviews by unanimous critics and the band started, for real, to find a new sound. The media mogul Artemy Troitsky invites the band to Russia for a live show in Russian TV and several concerts in Moscow among others. They also made tours in Germany and during autumn 2003, double bassist Josef Kallerdahl becomes a member of the group.

2004-2006 The third album ”Bestiario” was released 2005 and became a success and won both the audience´s and the critic´s approval. Bestiaro is also nominated for a Swedish Grammy and takes the band on several tours in Germany and Russia. They also make several tours in Turkey during these years, with performances in Istanbul, Diyrbakir, Malatya and smaller towns as Kars, among others, on the Turkish countryside. These were exciting travels, which made impressions and gave taste of meeting audience at more odd and unexpected places. In 2006 they tour in the Nordic countries as well as Germany and China.

2007-2009 NTO makes tour in Scandinavia, Russia, Ukraine and China. During this period the band becomes a sextet when the cellist Johanna Dahl joins the band, and through her the current line-up is created. Under the cut-glass chandeliers in the full packed concert hall “The October Palace”, in Kiev/Ukraine, NTO made one of their best performances in 2008. The concert was recorded and released as ”The Kiev Concert” on HOOB Records during spring of 2009. Per develops the music, finding new musical paths to walk on and a new, minimalistic expression takes shape. The new sound perpetuates during a week in Forsvik in January of 2009 and is released as the bands fifth album ”Vesper” later during the autumn of 2009. In connection to the release they made a massive tour in Sweden and toured Germany once again. They also made a second tour to China with performances in the big concert halls of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou among others.

2010-2011 They release the book ”Full scores/photos/text” contents all sheet music from ”Vesper”, sellected photos from tours, texts written by dramatist Mattias Brunn and cover painting by artist Ernst Billgren. Again, they are touring China and Germany, and during 2011 they make the “musicperformancedancetheatre-play” show: ”Sisyfos – Back On Top”, in collaboration with actor/coreographer Lars Bethke and director Peder Bjurman. The performance/theatre-play was called “a masterpiece” by Swedens leading newspaper DN, with it´s opening night in Stockholm and thereafter performances in Sweden during the following year.

2012-2013 New Tango Orquesta change their name to New Tide Orquesta, since they, over the last years, have identified themselves as a chamber music orchestra with a few different influences and references, where Nuevo tango still can be one of them. NTO keeps the Spanish spelling of ”orquesta” (orchestra), “one won’t get rid of the epithet ”The worlds most miss-spelled band”…”. The sixth album ”How To Climb A Mountain” was released on HOOB Records.

2014-2015 New Tide Orquesta is touring as a quintet while the band’s guitarist is on parental leave. In a concert exchange NTO tours Brazil in the summer of 2014 and then hosts the Brazilian band Pianorquestra for a tour in Sweden in the fall of 2014. In 2015 New Tide Orqusta takes part in the celebration of Swedish legendary singer songwriter and poet Evert Taube. The celebration is hosted by the Swedish National Radio.

2016 – 2019 In 2016 New Tide Orquesta releases 2 albums; first Live In Rio, with recordings from the band’s tour in Brazil in 2014 and then the studio album “Spirits: Nursery Rhymes” which contains new music by Per Störby Jutbring. The release is celebrated with some high profile concerts in Swedish clubs and concert halls. During 2016 the collaboration between New Tide Orquesta and the Brooklyn-based dance company Sidra Bell Dance is starting. The first creative residency is held in Stockholm in the fall of 2016 and the second in New York City in April 2017. The performance premiered in New Orleans in November 2017 and was played in Wilmington, NC in april 2018 and in Sweden in 2019.


– The New Tango Orquesta, Imogena (1998)
– Part ll, Imogena (2000)
– Bestiario, MNW/Xsource (2005)
– The Kiev Concert, HOOB records (2009)
– Vesper, HOOB records (2009)
– How To Climb A Mountain, HOOB records (2012)
– Live in Rio, HOOB records (2016)
– Spirits: Nursery Rhymes, HOOB records (2016