New Tide Orquesta goes TAUBE

Right now we’re waiting for next weekend when we’ll make a very special concert at the fantastic concert hall Berwaldhallen. We’ll celebrate the famous Swedish musician and composer Evert Taube, born 125 years ago, together with some of the Sweden’s finest singers: Sven-Bertil Taube, Simone Moreno, Bosse Sundström and Melissa Horn. Our in-house composer Per Störby Jutbring is arranging the old songs into NTO’s specific sound. So, there’s many new things with this concert: NTO will interpret another composer, perform with singers, besides our common line-up play cembalo, celesta, synth and laptop, AND we’ll even sing!

We’re making two concerts. The Swedish national Radio is producing and recording everything, the show will be broadcast the very next weekend. We’ll give you more info next week, and keep you updated from the rehearsals.



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