Whaaaaa!!! We’re releasing our 7th album “LIVE IN RIO”! A live concert, 13 tracks 63 minutes, with music from our last two albums, complete with improvisations, noise, distortion, applauses and baby cry. Release Friday 13th May! Here’s a teaser…



For some time we’ve planned the collaboration with critically acclaimed choreographer Sidra Bell (US) and Sidra Bell Dance New York (SBDNY). Together we’ll make the performance art piece MÖNSTER OUTSIDE, combining dance, music and visuals into a voyeuristic discourse about the nature of outliers in contemporary society. The new work has received a National Dance Project Production Award from New England Foundation for the Arts for a two year creative research module.

This week Sidra, and the company artist Misa Kinno Lucyshyn, came to Stockholm for a pre-production residency together with composer Per (Störby Jutbring). And this weekend already, Per, Johanna and Josef from NTO are going with her to New York to perform a short work-in-progress with the company at APAP.



A short film here.



2016 is here!

And as a matter of fact we’re celebrating TWENTY years together as a group! Well, we won’t say we’re the same band as back then, a lot of things have changed, as it does during twenty years. Like, a new name, for an example. Some of us have been around from the very start, but the present line-up was formed like ten years ago.

So, to celebrate this, we’re so happy to announce TWO new album releases this year! In May, the live album “LIVE IN RIO”, recorded 2014 during the tour in Brazil; and in September, a complete new STUDIO ALBUM. We’re so excited about this! We’ll make a few performances this spring/summer, but the main focus is to perform during the autumn.

We’ll also begin the collaboration with choreographer SIDRA BELL (US) and the Sidra Bell Dance New York (SBDNY). But, more about this in a few days…




New Tide Orquesta goes TAUBE

Right now we’re waiting for next weekend when we’ll make a very special concert at the fantastic concert hall Berwaldhallen. We’ll celebrate the famous Swedish musician and composer Evert Taube, born 125 years ago, together with some of the Sweden’s finest singers: Sven-Bertil Taube, Simone Moreno, Bosse Sundström and Melissa Horn. Our in-house composer Per Störby Jutbring is arranging the old songs into NTO’s specific sound. So, there’s many new things with this concert: NTO will interpret another composer, perform with singers, besides our common line-up play cembalo, celesta, synth and laptop, AND we’ll even sing!

We’re making two concerts. The Swedish national Radio is producing and recording everything, the show will be broadcast the very next weekend. We’ll give you more info next week, and keep you updated from the rehearsals.